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Barre Above® FAQs

What is “barre”?

While many interpret barre workouts differently, most barre workouts are a fusion of yoga, Pilates, strength training, and ballet. Barre classes incorporate specific sequencing patterns and isometric movements that target specific muscle groups. This pattern of exercise helps to improve strength, balance, flexibility and posture.


Why is Barre so popular?

Barre is hot right now! Barre classes are low-impact and are conducive to all fitness levels. They are also particularly enjoyed by women since they incorporate graceful movements and elements of ballet, allowing participants to experience a dance “element” in the workouts and achieve a dancer’s body. What are the health and fitness benefits of barre workouts? Barre workouts are perfect for all fitness levels. You’ll see improvement in your posture, balance, strength, and flexibility.


Barre Above® Questions

What is Barre Above®?

Barre Above® is a barre certification program for fitness professionals. It blends the latest exercise science with the principles of the Lotte Berk method (the genesis of the Barre movement) delivering a fusion of ballet, pilates, yoga and strength training to the workouts. Designed for wide range of fitness levels, ages and bodies, complete with progressions so those new to fitness feel successful their first time and seasoned Barre enthusiasts will always feel challenged.


What muscle groups does Barre Above® focus on?

Barre Above® is a full body workout, but like most barre workouts there is a medium emphasis on the lower body and core.


Do I need dance or ballet experience for Barre Above® classes?

You do not need any type of dance or ballet experience in order to participate in a Barre Above class. In fact, most barre instructors do not have any dance background either. The purpose of a Barre Above class is to help you achieve a long, lean dancer’s body.


Is there equipment involved?

While some of your Barre Above® classes will not include any equipment, you’ll find that most, always require a mat. Some classes incorporate small fitness accessories that can either help make the exercise more challenging for you or help to add more range of motion in the exercise. These include a small pliable ball, the Bender Ball, Gliding discs, hand-held weights, and resistance tubing. 


What kind of shape do I need to be in order to take a Barre Above® class?

Barre Above classes are for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned athlete. If you are taking a Barre Above class for the very first and/or are just beginning a fitness regimen, let the instructor know before class about any concerns you may have.


Are Barre Above® classes taught all on an actual barre?

Some Barre Above classes are taught using a barre, and some are taught center-floor – completely off the barre. If you want to know this beforehand, it is always best to ask ahead of time before coming to class.


I am nursing an injury. Can I still safely participate in a Barre Above® class?

It depends on the injury. You should ALWAYS talk to your physician beforehand and get approval from them before participating in the class. You should always let the instructor know of any injury before class. He or she may want you to refrain from doing certain exercises, have modifications for you, or recommend you sit out from the class for that day for your safety.


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