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The Scientific Benefits of Grounding & Earthing

In modern day life we are inundated with electrical charges day in, day out. They build up an excess of free radicals that in turn cause damage to our cells. Free radicals need a negative electron in order to neutralize. Luckily for us, Earth has an endless supply of these! When you’re doing groundwork you’re allowing your skin to absorb them effortlessly.

Scientists have actually done research that proves that grounding is good for the human body and the brain, with studies pointing to the fact that it can actually reduce pain and disease.

What is Earthing & Grounding?

Earthing or Grounding the body is when you physically touch your skin with the Earth's surfaces. Whether it is grass, sand, dirt, rocks or fallen trees. When we do this, we are stabilizing the body's physiology by absorbing Earth's endless supply of free radicals.

Today, many of us are locked into technology, not spending much time outdoors in our natural environment where we are meant to be. We are stuck in front of computers, working in spaces surrounded by concrete, lacking greenery and fresh air. Everything we do, what we wear, or eat is in some form associated with plastic. Even the rubber soles of our shoes eliminate the energy potential we could be tapping into when we are walking. Humans are becoming separated from the flow of Earth's electrons, creating adverse effects to your health.

When we go back to our roots, walking barefoot and swimming in natural waters, research shows it can improve many critical components of our health.

Benefits of Grounding:

  • reduce inflammation

  • alleviate chronic pain

  • decrease stress

  • improve body’s immune response

  • stabilize blood pressure

  • improve PMS

  • balance hormones

  • increase energy levels

  • strengthen overall well being

  • improve sleep

Barefoot Is Best!

While any contact between the earth and skin anywhere on our body will allow for grounding, being barefoot is the most practical and effective way. Did you know that the soles of our feet have the highest number of conductive nerve endings in our body? We also have sweat glands on our feet and moisture improves conductivity – walking on damp ground is better than dry.  


Nature is an incredible healer. It is only relatively recently that us as humans have created lives away from our natural environment. For 99% of life here on Earth, has been spent walking, eating, sleeping on the earths surface, or with other conductive materials like animal skins in between us. It is only common sense that we were designed to be in contact with nature, so it is no surprise that doing so has a healing effect on us.

And for everyone who has busy schedules and little down town, good news! Research shows that as little as half and hour earthing can make a difference in your health. It is doable and easily incorporated into anyones schedule before, during or after work. Even a quick lunch break spent in nature with direct contact to nature is a simple and effective remedy to ailments.

“Using thermography, scientists have been able to see inflammation in the body reduce dramatically when a patient is grounded for as little as an hour. Given that inflammation is now believed to play a key role in many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and Diabetes, these are important discoveries. ”- Claire De Boursac

A quick tip is to also pay mindful attention to nature around you while you're enjoying your barefoot connection. This will maximize wellness benefits. Imagine lying on your back while gazing at the clouds rolling by. Or meditate and focus solely on the sounds of birdsong and the rustle of leaves in the passing wind.

The Earth is waiting to energize and heal you, so kick off your shoes and step barefoot into natures embrace!


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