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Seasons Eatings!

A Holiday Masterclass

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Being a health and wellness professional I have decided that I wanted to share a program that I created about managing our food consumption and why we need to take it easy on ourselves, especially during the Holidays!

About The Program

No deprivations. No indulgences. BALANCE is everything. No DIETS here. I don’t even own a scale. We will talk about that in week 1, THIS WEDNESDAY! I will be creating a private Facebook group called SEASON’S EATINGS 2023 where everyone can connect and support each other!

Thanksgiving Dinner


The kick-off call is this Wednesday at 7pm!

(30 minutes of your time is all you will need.)



  • Week 1 is all about the program and its tools to guide you

  • Weeks 2-5 are weekly lessons to keep you on track and accountable!

  • A total of six 30 minute calls - PLUS exclusive access to the Facebook accountability group



We will meet on Wednesdays at 7:00. (Minus the week of Thanksgiving. We will meet that Tuesday at 7 instead.)

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