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Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a fulfilling and healthy life. It is a state of complete well being directed towards maximizing ones potential in physical, mental , and social areas of ones life.

Lets break down each area a bit more.

Spirituality is such a vast word in itself. Who are you?  What is your place in this world?  Spirituality to me is not about religion… it is more sacred than that. Spirituality gives meaning to one’s life and helps you to transcend into a more full complete person.


Is physical training a part of what I do?

You Bet! Allowing the body to move and breathe in many different ways is a huge part of wellness. I teach how to move safely and effectively while creating results. Every body is different. One thing I know for certain is that you cannot out exercise a poor diet!


Emotions are such an important part of the wellness picture.

We all have some sort of addiction, whether it is food, alcohol, drugs, perfection or something else. This addiction fuels how emotions show up in our life, and is a direct reflection of your past. These emotions create feelings, which create events that shaped us to who we are (or are not) today. Being able to identify these feelings presently and being able to let them go will create a new sense of self and allow you to start living the full and rich life that you deserve.

I will assist you in releasing the emotions to whatever addiction or addictions you may have and I will teach you how to break free from the old cycle and release the emotions that started the pattern. You will develop the skills to release and create a new mindset to help you achieve your goals. 

Finding balance is essential.

Once you have it from the inside, the outside will also transform.

For example if you choose to workout every day and do not balance it with whole, clean, healthy foods, all that working out will not show up externally. The same goes for if you choose to eat healthy and not work on your spiritual and physical self, you will lack balance in your mind and body.



I am here to give you the tools to enrich your life as a whole. Everything you need is all here. I am simply the messenger.

We are all super amazing souls on this crazy journey we call life. Life stands for Live Indefinitely For Everything!!

You are not alone. You are capable, strong and we are in this together.

Learn, grow and transform.

With love and gratitude,

Just Breathe~


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