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A WellnessLife

A Wellness Life is a whole BODY ~ MIND ~ and SOUL wellness experience. From in person and virtual group personal training classes to 1:1 training sessions, we have you covered! 

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Green Leaves


“Tammy is a fabulous Pilates Instructor! She is highly knowledgeable on the human anatomy and is constantly educating herself to better serve her clients. I have learned SO much from her and continue to be inspired by her dedication to her profession. Her classes are varied as she incorporated different props (bands, blocks, straps, tune up balls) which means its never boring and targets all the right areas! One of my favorite classes is Fascia Friday with the tune up balls. Something I really appreciate about Tammy is that she always asks her clients, "what's going on with your body?, what do you want to focus on today?" Oh and if that isn't enough... Tammy is fun, funny, kind, caring and personable!!"

-Annie Shay

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