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Tammy Kershaw, Owner of A Wellness Life

Welcome to
A Wellness Life

Join me on the journey to a healthier life! A Wellness Life offers a variety of services, join in person or virtual classes, one on one sessions or browse online resources. I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals. 

All About Back Care

Join for access to 2 FREE masterclasses on how I healed myself from back pain and helped many clients do the same!

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3 FREE simple at home strategies to help reduce your back pain within days!

Take the first step to a pain free, healthier you!

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Yoga Tune Up® Massage Therapy Balls

The Roll Model® Therapy Balls are designed for trigger point, pressure point, self myofascial release. Use them separately or together for pain relief and relaxation. Remember, it doesn't have to hurt to work!

Yoga Tune Up Balls
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Yoga Tune Up® Massage Ball Sets, Kits & Bundles

Looking for a comprehensive and effective way to relieve tension and pain? Try YTU® Massage Ball Kits, tailored for trigger point, pressure point, self myofascial release. 

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“Tammy is a fabulous Pilates Instructor! She is highly knowledgeable on the human anatomy and is constantly educating herself to better serve her clients. I have learned SO much from her and continue to be inspired by her dedication to her profession. 

-Annie Shay

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