New Year, New You!

Check my Classes and Events page for upcoming TRX 8 week series and Back Pain Prevention workshop in February!


Originally $300

NOW 15% OFF!

You pay $255!!!

Services Include:

-Personal Training

-Wellness Coaching


-Corrective Exercise

-Pain Management


Originally $800

NOW 20% OFF!

You pay $640!!!

What People Say

"You are a miracle

worker! I did a 132

mile ride yesterday

to Mass and back with

no hip flexor pain...

your help is beyond

appreciated and your simple remedy is amazing."

- Steve T.

About A wellnesslife

Hey there!

         I am so glad you decided to stop by and check out what I have to share!

I’m thinking that somewhere deep inside your spirit is the most amazing human being that has maybe only just scratched the surface to becoming the best version of you.

         Is it physical, emotional, or spiritual that you are seeking within yourself?

            I personally have been “finding me” forever. Meaning that when I was young I always knew I wanted so much more than what I was able to receive at that time.

          I believe movement heals! It is the most important part of my passion everyday! I have been able to help coach people not only to overcome health challenges but I have been able to help them of other issues that have been holding them back. I believe my early life experiences are why I chose a career path in health and wellness.

             I am always a work in progress, one day at a time. I have spent the last 15+ years on all kinds personal development, which has enabled me to heal past pain and let go of my old story. I truly believe every day you are given the chance to break free and be whoever and whatever you want to be! Love yourself and literally take it one day at a time. It takes work, commitment, consistency, and support.

Are you committed to making the decision to become the person that you deserve to be?

If so that is where I come in to guide you!

Let the transformations begin!

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