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Think about this for just one moment…Whatever is going on internally in your body is also showing up externally. Just “digest” that for a minute or two.  The body is a marvelous gift from your higher power or source. We are living bodies, not just incarnated souls. We do not “have” a body we “are” a body.

I believe that your spiritual body is the foundation to your physical body. If there is internal chaos running through you then we have some work to do!


Your body is your sacred temple, your highest expression of you.  Treat it with the optimum level of love and respect that it deserves!

At A Wellness Life, we strive to offer as many services to heal, strengthen and reconnect your mind, body and soul. Whether it is Reiki, Pilates or  Personal Training, we will figure out what will work best for you and your body.

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