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Yoga Tune Up ®

As a personal trainer, wellness educator and pilates teacher, I know what works with my body. Yoga Tune Up® is a conscious exercise  format that improves overall strength, flexibility, and coordination, no matter what style of movement disciplines you practice. And its one on my favorite things to teach my students, family and friends as its products can relieve the worst migraines, relieve the achiest muscles, and overall improve how your body moves and functions.


It will teach you how to breathe and move better, in all exercise modalities. It will also show you where you overuse, underuse, or abuse certain areas of your body and teach you how to find an overall balance in your everyday life, on and off your mat.

Yoga Tune Up® is taught both in classes and in 1:1 sessions!

YTU® Back Care

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Yoga Tune Up® Massage Therapy Balls

The Roll Model® Therapy Balls are designed for trigger point, pressure point, self myofascial release. Use them separately or together for pain relief and relaxation. Remember, it doesn't have to hurt to work!

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Yoga Tune Up® Massage Ball Sets, Kits & Bundles

Looking for a comprehensive and effective way to relieve tension and pain? Try YTU® Massage Ball Kits, tailored for trigger point, pressure point, self myofascial release. 

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