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What the Tuck?

Lately this "tucking" the tail under/flatten my low back question has been popping up for me in my Pilates classes. To tuck or not to tuck... hmmm where do I start?

Posture! When you stand in optimal posture your tailbone should be pointing down towards the floor. So if it were "tucked" under, it would present a flatter low back, possibly a rounded forward head, and rounded outward upper back. Posture itself is a whole other topic which I will cover in another post. I am just specifically talking about the "tuck" today. I don't even like the word honestly. We tuck in shirts. Not tailbones!!! That just opens up a whole new can of issues! When the tuck occurs, your pelvis goes into a posterior tilt. This is not an optimum place for your pelvis to be, not only is the pelvis unbalanced, but the spine is as well. I only bring this up because everything is connected. ​

​Low back pain is directly related to a posterior tilt in the hips [pelvis]. An example is a person who sits all day at work or spends a lot of time driving, slumping sets in without even knowing (the tail may be curled under). This patterns set in and before you know it this becomes your posture. Take this to a fitness class and place your body laying down in a face-up position with your knees bent and feet flat. People that tilt or tuck their pelvis will have their back on the mat. The spine is meant to have a curve in the cervical spine (neck) and also in the lumbar spine (low back). The thoracic area of your spine (the middle) should be able to have contact with the mat with ease. More on that in my next video blog explaining in detail.

Bottom line... pardon the pun. If your butt is tucked under and you are trying to access your core you won't be able to!! Stay tuned to understand the neutral pelvis and how to find ease in your low back and hips and to create balance in the body moving forward!

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