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5 Health Benefits of Sauna Usage

Sauna bathing has been an activity used for thousands of years. Our ancestors understood the correlation between sweating and its healing effects. In fact, the Mayans used sweat houses over 3,000 years ago, according to Harvard Health Publications. They have also been used in Finland for thousands of years with a third of the population still using them today. New studies reveal that beyond therapeutic use, there are various health benefits associated.

Increased Life Expectancy

Did you know that the heat exposure your body faces during a sauna session is actually comparable to moderate physical exercise? That's right, researchers have compared blood pressure and heart rate during sauna bathing versus a dynamic workout and found that sauna bathing is equivalent to the same workout load of approximately 60-100 watts. Post heat exposure, they have found sustained blood pressure, suggesting even more beneficial effects on our cardiovascular system.

Here's a wild fact: Studies conducted in Finland have shown that compared to men who never used the sauna, moderate sauna users (2-3 times per week) are 27% less likely to die from cardiovascular related causes. In addition, frequent users (4-7 times per week) are 50% less likely to die from cardiovascular related causes.

When we experience acute bouts of heat exposure, it can induce our heat shock proteins, which in turn help the proteins in our bodies from mis-folding and forming aggregates- which are associated with diseases of aging.

Weight Loss

It's no mystery that sauna bathing assists in the excretion of toxins and fats in our body. What is shocking is that the average person loses between 2-5lbs of water weight in a 30-45 minute session!

Toxin Excretion

Today we are constantly exposed to materials such as BPA (Bisphenol A) which is found in plastic water bottles, packaging, beverages and pretty much anything you could think of. BPA is a harmful and dangerous material that a known endocrine disruptor - weakening estrogen levels. Researchers have found that BPA primarily accumulates in tissue, suggesting that it can be excreted during sauna bathing.

Brain Health

Studies conducted in Finland have shown that middle aged men who sauna bath 4-7 times per week had a 65% reduced rick of Alzheimer's disease compared to men who only used the sauna once per week.

Stress and Pain Relief

Exposing the body to heat exposure via sauna bathings allows for muscle relaxation, easing pain and stiffness while increasing circulation. This warm environment can be quite helpful for stress, creating a tranquil and serene space that has the potential to decrease stress levels.

To conclude, sauna usage has many health benefits including increased life expectancy, weight loss, toxin excretion, brain health and stress and pain relief, especially with more frequent use.


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